Why is it always money before morals?

Ever since I was in school (many years ago now) I have always been passionately opposed to animal testing, experiments, and the use of animals for fashion etc. I was always quite shy growing up, but I distinctly remember standing up at college, reading out an essay I'd written about the unnecessary practice of cosmetic testing on animals. I was so against it, that I wasn't at all nervous about standing at the front of the class to read aloud. It changed my views on cosmetic companies forever, and since then I've always tried to be conscious of choosing cruelty free companies. In 1998 the UK announced a complete ban on animal testing for cosmetic purposes, and I was delighted!

It's 2019 now and although many countries around the world banned testing on animals, there are still countries that actually require it by law, such as China. I feel the large make up companies have sold out, by choosing to sell in China because of the multi billion dollar beauty industry over there. Previously cruelty free brands that I used to use in my make up business, now sell in China. Their websites proclaim they do not test on animals, or get third parties to test for them, but by selling in China they are allowing the Chinese authorities to test their products on animals. So for me, they are still complicit in this outdated practice. MAC is one of them and so is NARS, both of these brands I now won't use.

Another worrying trend that has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years is Mink eyelash extensions, and false lashes. Most are marketed as cruelty free, collected by brushing the Minks and collecting the loose fur. My Alaskan Malamute always bolts when I bring the brush out to comb him, so I imagine trying to brush Minks, which are generally aggressive wild creatures, would be impossible! The idea of this being cruelty free is ridiculous! The Minks are kept in tiny cages, in awful conditions just like when they were bred for the fur trade. Needless to say I don't use any type of lash that isn't 100% synthetic.

I know the beauty industry is like the fashion industry, and highly influenced by Celebrities, Youtube bloggers, and Instagram stars. Some people will never give up their beloved brands, and that's ok. I'm not here to preach or force my beliefs on anyone. I just believe in raising awareness so everyone has the choice. So in that spirit I will tell you the brands I now use in my makeup treatments. They are Too Faced, Airbase Airbrush, and Zoella Make up brushes. I also like some products from the High Street brand Make up Revolution. As for my spa treatments, I make most of them from scratch using natural raw ingredients, but that's another post for another day!

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