Stringing Pearls - My Salvation During Lockdown....

I have an obsession with pearls! Ever since my nan used to let me play with her set when I was a girl. They've always fascinated me. Once I found out that they came from the sea (well shellfish anyway) I was hooked, if you'll pardon the pun!

As of today, the lock down in the UK has been going on for 7 weeks, with no end in sight 😔 In my last post I admitted to losing my mind a little bit. However this week, I've decided to use the time constructively and restring about 15 pearl necklaces and bracelets that I've been hoarding for a few years now!

Generally I use the traditional method of restringing, which is using silk and knotting between each pearl. This method is easy in theory, but very fiddly in practice. Also due to the current situation, getting hold of supplies has been difficult. I wondered if pearls could be strung by another method, and I decided to try wire. Obviously you can't knot between each pearl but the results are quite satisfactory. Here is how I did it.....

First gather your supplies


Sterling silver beads


Jump ring



Crimp beads

2 sets of pliers

Cut a good length of wire. I like to cut arms length to be sure.

Next you need to secure one end of the wire. Thread the wire through the callotte and next thread the crimp bead.

Take your long nose pliers and crimp the bead flat. Trim the excess wire from the end.

Carefully close the callotte over the flattened crimp bead, ensuring it is completely enclosed. Next attach your clasp to the open part of the callotte. Take round nose pliers and close it securely.

Now you can go ahead and start threading your first pearl!

Carry on threading all your pearls and beads in your chosen design until they are all threaded.

To finish your necklace, thread another callotte facing outwards and another crimp bead onto the wire. Holding the necklace vertically helps all the beads fit tight against each other. Carefully ease the crimp bead in place with your long nose pliers, and crimp it as tight as possible inside the callotte. Trim the excess wire, carefully close the callotte, and add your jump ring to complete.

Here's the finished designs

If you'd like to make your own pearl necklace, I've put together some diy kits that are easy to do. Email me here to order yours

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