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Let Stress Float Away

These massage treatments are designed to invoke a state of

deep relaxation.  Choose your scented oil for a customised treatment.

Full Body Massage      (1 hr)                                                       £40

Includes face, neck and scalp

Hair & Scalp Massage   (30 mins)                                             £15

A wonderfully relaxing treatment, using coconut oil to deeply

nourish the hair and scalp.

Back Massage     (30 mins)                                                         £20 

A relaxing treatment using Swedish techniques to deeply relax and invigorate

Full Body Hot Oil Massage   (1 hr)                                             £45

An amazing treatment using hot oil candles in your choice of fragrance.  The candles gently warm the oil, then it's massaged

into the body, includes neck and scalp.  Clients can take the candle home afterwards